Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening lightens teeth and helps remove stain and discoloration. It is an aesthetic procedure used to greatly enhance and restore a better natural look.

Tray tooth whitening is done by having models of teeth made from dental impressions. Dental trays (stints) are constructed that fit over teeth in the mouth. These trays hold whitening gels that whiten enamel and dentin when applied to the teeth over time. Treatment gels have differing carbamide and peroxide percentages as well as lengths of application times used to get the best results. These whiteners usually take two to three weeks with proper instruction and use to achieve the desired results. 

A good dental exam is necessary to assess the need, existing dental restorations, dental decay and periodontal status before proceeding. There is a less costly and effective take home procedure not requiring trays. It is effective but the changes do not last as long. A good tooth whitening system should be repeated occasionally for best results. Routine dental checkups are the best maintenance.